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At Vernewell, we are passionate about discovering, exploring, and nurturing sustainable space and tech solutions that have an impact on Earthlings to live and perform better. We are guided by our mission which is fueled by the V-Factor comprising of our team of experts who live and breathe business, governance, incubation, investment, and technology. V-factor is our multiplier effect of innovation, acceleration, and achieving dreams for our clients. A startup founder needs experts who understand technology as well as business acumen and connection with the market demand. V-factor is our collective wisdom to assess the founder and the idea on multiple merits, finding a solution, and paving the way for the founders, innovators, and scientists to achieve their mission with us. It is also our passion to change the status quo and disrupt the market when it comes to space, technology, and startup ecosystem.

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The V-factor Is Our Superpower to Kindle the Flame of Disruptive Ideas and Solutions that will Unleash New Revolutionary Possibilities

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