Startup Shuttle

Incubate, Accelerate, Impact

Vernewell Startup Shuttle has been created with the philosophy to adopt, nurture, guide and objectively accelerate innovative business ideas having a global impact. We have redefined the process to radically increase the probability of success in the startup ecosystem.

Vernewell Startup Shuttle is beyond providing a common working space. We have created an environment with a strong culture and value system which brings the best out of the entrepreneurs. Our inclusive approach aims to welcome entrepreneurs from around the world with aspiring business ideas which may impact their communities, countries or the entire planet through innovative solutions and technologies.



Online application to review core business idea


Non-Disclosure Agreement

Deep Dive

Review business model

Initial Interview

30 minute video call with the management


Detailed feedback on the business and the team

Interview with Experts

1 hour consultation

Finalize Contract

Negotiation and agreement

Welcome On Board

Vernewell Startup Shuttle operates with a distinct mechanism which is focused to support every single milestone of the entrepreneurial journey. Our core objective is to help businesses bootstrap and only raise external capital after achieving proof of concept. However, we do help research based startups to raise early pre-seed and seed investment for building minimum viable product.

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Vernewell Startup Shuttle is driven by our client’s mission, goals and objectives. We offer targeted solutions, starting from problem identification to its impact and performance appraisal. We have developed tailored programs to ensure seamless communication, a timely delivery and transparent performance reporting.

Problem Identification

Setting Goals & Objectives

Propose Solution

Resource Budgeting

Managing Change

Performance Review


Organization Development

Coaching & Training

Resource Allocation

Research Design & Execution

Implementing Strategy

Policy Making & Corporate Governance

Calibrating For Maximum Efficiency

Performance Appraisal Against Targeted Objectives

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