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To face today’s increased level of disruption, businesses must gain agility and adapt to the changes. Vernewell team walks you through the transformation process and helps you rethink business to create and execute the right business strategies across your business units.

Vernewell multidisciplinary consultants help you take your business portfolio to a higher level where technological capabilities enable your business agility and effective governance approaches to reduce your risks. Vernewell’s ecosystem gives you access to a business environment led by change leaders with solid business management expertise and technology acumen.

Success is not made in a vacuum

To face the global economic challenges and adapt to disruption, we assist you in harnessing technologies and transforming your business to succeed and achieve your targets.


Vernewell Business Consultancy division comprises C-level executives and business experts who have a successful track record of growing businesses exponentially. With our expert corporate development models, we assist our clients to achieve efficiency and excellence at all levels of the corporate hierarchy. Moreover, we assess, manage, and mitigate business risk while providing legal support through our partner firm.

• Strategic Management
• Marketing Strategy
• Sales Strategy
• Financial Management
• Operational and Investment Strategy

• Marketing Management
• Product Design and Development
• Creating Product Market Fit
• Marketing Research and Consumer Insight
• Designing Marketing Strategies
• Planning Marketing Programs
• Price Modeling
• Digital Marketing Strategy
• Advertisement and Promotions
• Media and PR Strategy
• Redefining Marketing Processes
• International Marketing
• Brand Development
• Customer Lifecycle
• Marketing ROI Analytics

• Change Management
• Organization Development and Culture
• Operations Optimization
• Performance Transformation
• Business Ethics and Value System

• Business Financial Planning and
• Capital Budgeting
• Investment Strategy
• Debt Management
• Capital Restructuring
• Financial Analytical Reporting
• Investment Decks Design
• Digital Finance
• Design and Deployment Of Financial

• Credit Risk
• Crisis Response
• Risk Data & Digitization
• Operational Risk
• Compliance & Controls
• Insurances
• Trading & Balance Sheet Risk
• Risk & Regulations

• Sales Management
• Revenue Management
• Customer Experience
• Channel Development
• Distribution and Retail
• Capability Building
• Sales Training / Technique
• Customer Relationship Management
• IT Application In Sales
• Building Sales Environment
• International Selling
• Laws and Ethics
• Compensation Structures
• Sales Forecasting and Budgeting
• Sales Force Evaluation

• Manufacturing and Supply Chain
• Operations Transformation
• Sourcing and Procurement
• Services Operational Management
• Logistics
• Human Resource Management

• Full Scale Digital Transformation
• Digital Culture
• Company Agility

• Strategy
• Integration
• Joint Ventures
• Separation
• Initial Public Offerings
• M and A Strategy

• Board Services and Board Presentations
• Executive Transitions
• CEO Strategy
• Change Management

• Sustainability Strategy
• Portfolio Optimization
• Sustainable Investments
• Net-Zero Carbon Footprint Design
• Decarbonization Transformation
• Green Business Building

• Leadership Building
• Organizational Development
• Technology Deployment
• Mass Production
• Large Scale Selling
• Automation
• Execution Excellence
• Rapid Market Development
• Planning Growth Strategies
• Structuring Strategic Partnerships

Performance Appraisal Against Targeted Objectives


Market Access, Exposure, And Power To Execute

Our access to global market information and powerful business network is our competitive edge, followed by excellence in client servicing.


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Vernewell operates across 19 business sectors, and within each sector, Vernewell has expertise in targeted verticals. The professional experience and the ability to execute define the core competitive advantage of Vernewell.






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Transportation & Logistics

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Furthermore, under Vernewell Consultant we are open to work with you on a project basis or annual retainership.

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Business Doesn't Operate In A Vaccum

We do not believe in one solution to all business needs, as our seasoned professionals work closely with each business partner to create a custom-made solution. To bring your business the necessary change, we embrace your vision, understand your business culture, and analyze your strategies before implementation the needed solution.Our team of business consultants and technologists enables you to transform your business while deploying the latest technologies. Vernewell assists you in implementing various solutions to improve your business, create new products, and enhance your customer services.

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