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Vernewell Space Research Center is dedicated to space-related Research and Development. Vernewell Space Research Center offers the needed resources in collaboration with various research centers and universities around the world to the stakeholders working on space research projects.

Whether you are a scientist or a student who share our passion for solving the mysteries of our universe, or you are an innovator, an entrepreneur, or an investor with the determination to create solutions to the ever-growing global challenges through space-based capabilities, Vernewell Space Research Center is your home for disruption to achieve your goals. Through our resources, ability to cultivate partnerships, and our drive to achieve our mission, stakeholders will be able to find a favorable ecosystem to thrive.

Space Mission


Astronomy & Astrophysic

Next Generation Instrumentation, Tools and Techniques

Space Technology

Advanced Materials

Augmented & Virtual Reality

Interdisciplinary research in the Life Sciences and Medicine

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Our Ecosystem Stimulates Scientific And Technological Progress To Achieve Collaborative Space Endeavors

Under Vernewell Space Research Center, our specialized Consultants help the public sector prepare their space programs, and we assist in the implementation stages. We further advise the public sector on the technological development under their space programs to ensure the maximum deployment of these technologies across various applications and scientific fields. With our skilled team, we assist space research centers and public bodies in their space project management and deployment of the needed technology to enable cutting-edge development.

Vernewell Space Research team also works closely with the other Vernewell Units to enable and scale scientific and technological breakthroughs that contribute to the global space economy.


Leveraging Innovation And Technological Progress From Other Sectors To Be Adapted And Used To Design New Space Systems

Vernewell ecosystem is shaped to offer unlimited possibilities across all Units. When it comes to Vernewell Space Research Center, our technology transfer takes you into an innovation journey through spin-offs and spin-ins.

Vernewell creates a value chain of innovation that allows implementing solutions across our Units. Such an approach will also enable leveraging innovations from the non-space sector to design new space systems and develop new space-based products and services.

Transforming Space Science And Technology Into STEM Learning Opportunities

STEM education is the key to human development and collective evolution. Space Research Center helps professional educators be equipped with the necessary resources, knowledge, and know-how to engage in STEM education. Aiming to bridge the gap between the scientific community and the public, we offer various content and educational methods to cater to each type of audience in different venues, such as public schools, museums, and workplaces.

To raise the general science literacy of the public, we are able to provide online STEM programs across the countries, thanks to the talented educators and scientists Vernewell continues to cultivate and to the partnership with academia and NGOs.

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