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The Vernewell Sci-Tech Hub is the space where innovators, technologists, and scientists create, develop, and commercialize their inventions. A supportive ecosystem for science & technology is essential to all stakeholders, bringing innovative and entrepreneurial minds together. The V-Factor SciTech Hub complements our Start-up Shuttle, creating more of an ecosystem where technology and science meet to contribute to Vernewell’s mission.

To enable humanity’s evolution on Earth and beyond, it is essential to create a favorable innovation ecosystem for the local, regional, and international stakeholders and drive the innovation economic development in the UAE and globally.

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Vernewell Scitech Hub Services

Vernewell is bringing Scientific Research, Technology Innovation, and Business together under one umbrella. Vernewell Scitech Hub focuses on disruptive technologies and sciences that enable humanity’s evolution while shaping a better future for the present and future generations, with an emphasis on distributed ledger, artificial intelligence, extended reality, and quantum technologies (DARQ), space science and technology, nanotechnology, advanced materials, longevity, and biotechnology.
Our Consultancy Services under Vernewell SciTech Hub include assessing the organization’s capacity for innovation and highlighting the opportunities and barriers. Our dedicated team customizes the necessary tools to enable our clients engage effectively with stakeholders while managing projects to ensure their success. 

Our Vernewell SciTech Hub team thrives on enabling to solve regional and global challenges, catalyzing innovation in the country, actively engaging in industry-academia, and supporting national and international initiatives to accelerate research and development.

In the pursuit of becoming a key actor in building a resilient innovative ecosystem where independent researchers, research centers, academia, entrepreneurs, investors, business entities, and the public sector collaborate, partner, and cooperate beyond borders for the benefit of humanity. 
Vernewell SciTech Hub enables team building and matchmaking to foster research and development, best practices, transparency, sustainability, and ethical use of technology and science.
At Vernewell SciTech Hub, multidisciplinary consultants, from scientists and technologists to business advisors, assist in developing, improving, and accelerating clients’ IP. Vernewell’s experts assess the choice of jurisdiction to register the IP, analyze the related landscape to understand the industry’s challenges and drawbacks of existing solutions on the market,

Support clients throughout the IP registration process. Additionally, our experts advise the IP holder on the IP commercialization, walk him through the formalities related to company formation when needed, and monitor the IP management.

When it comes to Technology Transfer, Vernewell SciTech Hub team assists parties in the operation to minimize the business risks and smooth the pathway to market. To mitigate the IP buyer’s risks, our team develops, on a case-by-case basis, and implements an appropriate Technology Transfer strategy, including Licensing, Joint Development, or Divestiture.



Humanity’s quantum leap depends on exponential technological and scientific breakthroughs. DARQ technologies, when applied ethically and appropriately, will catalyze change, accelerate technological and scientific discoveries, offer unprecedented business capabilities, and steer economic growth across all sectors, particularly the space sector.


Managing Repetitive Tasks Intelligent Robots In Space Complex Problem Solving Increased Business Efficiency Automation Smart Decision Making and Error Minimizing Medical Advances Research and Data Analysis


New Immersive Reality Production Process Efficiency Error Reduction Human Spatial Thinking and Learning Influence Hands-Free and On-Demand Information


New Immersive Reality Production Process Efficiency Error Reduction Human Spatial Thinking and Learning Influence Hands-Free and On-Demand Information


Catalyst for open Innovation Instant auditable peer to peer transactions Smart Contracts eliminate operational frictions Ensure supply chain provenance and attestation Scalable, large via parallel processing

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