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Vernewell creates a global ecosystem in which our services and initiatives are carefully crafted, shaping an ideal environment to fuel innovation, ignite creativity, and spark ground-breaking ideas to enable technological disruption. To achieve our mission and ensure the success of our clients’ endeavors, we developed our services and initiatives across Vernewell’s Units by which an innovation process is applied to create an innovation value chain and multiply its impactful effect to benefit the various stakeholders across the industries. Our ecosystem enables our clients and partners, including entrepreneurs, inventors, investors, firms from the targeted industries, and even the public sector, to make a leap and reap the reward.


Vernewell welcomes innovators who seek an ideal environment to nurture their creativity to invent and innovate new methods and ideas. To pursue our mission, we strive to help innovators use new methods and ideas and transform these ideas and techniques into business solutions, products, or processes. We capture breakthrough ideas within our unique ecosystem and involve our innovators under secure and favorable platforms. Vernewell’s multidisciplinary experts guide and assist innovators who share our vision through the different steps and processes from the front-end discovery to the invention and commercialization.

With our innovative solutions, we also assist innovators ready to become entrepreneurs. Thanks to Vernewell V-Factor, the multiplier effect of innovation and success, Vernewell helps align innovators’ visions and missions with an impactful purpose that will serve generations to come.


Invention Is Easy Innovation Is Genius

As Vernewell is home to innovators, it is the industry’s destination to find solutions and face disruptions through innovation. Our various programs, such as start-up accelerator under the “Startup Shuttle,” and corporate hackathons, and tech-scouting under our Scitech Hub, stakeholders find an engaging, organized, secure and easy access to our pool of inventors, innovators, and multidisciplinary experts ready to generate breakthrough ideas and transform them into a competitive edge.
We walk innovators through their journey through our various business units after understanding their needs and crafting a strategic roadmap to reach their goals. Vernewell business consultants work closely with our technical team and governance experts to capture our stakeholders’ challenges and work closely with all parties to transform these challenges into competitive advantages.


Vernewell harnesses collective intelligence to help entrepreneurs transform innovation into results, acquire a competitive edge, develop skills, access opportunities, and achieve their goals. Entrepreneurs across the various sectors can rest assured to find guidance across Vernewell’s units, from business management and consultancy services to peer mentorship and human capital development assistance. Entrepreneurs seeking opportunities to team up with innovators, scientists, technologists, and other stakeholders, can now find one-stop solutions at Vernewell.

Following Vernewell, the founder’s vision to achieve the ultimate goal of partaking in humanity’s evolution on Earth and becoming a multi-planetary species, we believe in the essential role of entrepreneurs in the process. Due to the entrepreneurship relevance to economic development through innovation, technological disruption, and creation, which was theoretically evidenced and practically proven, we emphasize providing a cutting-edge consultancy and state-of-the-art training and development to entrepreneurs.

Vernewell aims to cultivate future entrepreneurs, develop their abilities, and expand existing entrepreneurs to achieve exponential business growth for greater success. By offering entrepreneurship training, knowledge, and proper human development to shape great entrepreneurial mindsets and appropriate capacities, we foster innovation, creativity and contribute to business success and socioeconomic development.

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Through building an integrated approach to innovation throughout our business units, Investors play a crucial role in the growth Vernewell aims to achieve. Our team is dedicated to identifying the Investors’ needs in contrast with the Startups, SMEs, and inventors’ funding requirements.

When it comes to investments in disruptive technologies with an implication for the national interest, our affiliate Trabelsi Loeb Legal Consultants assists Vernewell’s team in guiding investors from different jurisdictions to make well-informed and strategic investment decisions with minimized legal risks. Thanks to our joined efforts across our Vernewell’s Galaxy, Vernewell Governance Solutions, our experts understand our stakeholders. Vernewell enables Investors to gain access to a broader range of opportunities around the latest technologies. Our due diligence and extensive work to assess the startups, and patents, before presenting pitches to Investors is our strength.

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